Communicating the power of 3

Listening to eBay’s investor conference call last night which took place to discuss eBay’s acquisition of Skype, and following along with the slide presentation (PDF), it’s now clearer to me what the expected synergies are from this deal from eBay‘s and Skype‘s perspectives. It’s something they’re calling the Power of 3: (Click to see a […]

A bright future for UK podcasting

A tremendous success – that’s my judgment of PodcastCon UK which took place in London on Saturday. Europe’s first conference on podcasting saw 120 or so people gathered together to present, talk, mix and get to know each other in an atmosphere of keen excitement. A massive tip of the hat to the four organizers […]

The broadband siren call

We all want fast always-on internet, right? Not a measly 8-megs-fast (that’s what I get here in The Netherlands), something blisteringly fast: Give me speed that terrifies the old and exhilarates the young. Let me download life with wild abandon. Make it ludicrously affordable, that I may infuriate my friends (but make it easy for […]

GM’s Bob Lutz: The disruptive communicator

He was the first General Motors executive blogger when the GM Fastlane Blog launched last January. Now he’s the first GM executive podcaster on FastLane Radio, GM’s podcast series launched in February. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz stars in a Q&A discussion with Bill O’Neill, GM’s executive director of communications. During much of the 20-minute […]

IBM’s credible message: Blogging means business

Two senior IBM executives are featured in an informative and engaging series of audiovisual presentations that present the case for blogs as strategic business tools. Presented by Harriet Pearson, IBM’s Chief Privacy Officer and Vice President for Corporate Affairs, and Willy Chiu, Vice President of IBM’s High Performance On Demand Solutions Group, some very interesting […]

Open source film making

If you can post the content of a book to a blog as you develop the book, why not a film? That’s precisely what Scottish film director David MacKenzie is doing with the script for Hallam Foe, a film based on the novel by Peter Jinks. Hugh MacLeod writes: […] So here’s what we decided. […]

Email might still be king but RSS is the heir

BBC News: Tesco is bombarding UK consumers with a massive e-mail marketing campaign. Way ahead of its supermarket rivals, it issued 44 separate e-mail campaigns last month, more than Sainsbury, Asda, Waitrose and Somerfield put together. According to e-mail marketing firm Interactive Prospect Targeting Services, Tesco is blitzing the nation with 16-20 million e-mails per […]

New Feedster 500

Feedster has published an updated list of its Top 500, “a list of 500 of the most interesting and important blogs.” This is the first update since the list debuted in August. This blog was on that list, at number 221, but has disappeared way over the horizon from the new list and doesn’t appear […]