Social Customer Manifesto wins CRM award

Congratulations to Christopher Carfi – his The Social Customer Manifesto blog has just been awarded the ‘Best CRM Blog 2005’ accolade by the readers of Well deserved, Chris! If you haven’t encountered Chris’ blog before, now’s a good time from the communicator’s point of view – it’s the place where you’ll find the social […]

Window shopping

“Displax developed by Edigma combines rear projection holographic screens with finger tracking to bring interactive storefront displays to retailers and various commercial applications. Displax® – Interactive Window allows human interaction in a shop window, with multimedia applications, emission and record of sounds, detection of human presence in front of the display, etc.” Not exactly hot […]

Transforming corporate identities beyond the razzle dazzle

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas certainly was the place this week for many companies to announce a dazzling array of new tech products, alliances and ventures. The best place I found to keep up with what was going on was the excellent Engadget CES blog which had a non-stop stream of posts. Another […]

Clueless BrandWeek magazine

Are blogs a waste of your time and that of your business or clients? Indeed they are, according to BrandWeek magazine in the US: Blogs provide almost no new information. They’re frequently inaccurate. They contribute to the hysterical polarization of our nation’s political discourse. And they’re often written by people who can’t, you know, write. […]

Intelliseek acquired, forms part of new VNU-backed company as VNU looks to be acquired

Two of the leading companies in tracking and analysing what consumers are talking about online have joined forces to create, in the words of the formal press release, the new global standard for measuring and understanding word-of-mouth behavior and influence. Market intelligence firm Intelliseek has been acquired by word-of-mouth research and planning company Buzzmetrics. The […]

Beta view of what start-ups look like

Click on the image to see the slightly larger (and better in-focus) original on Flickr. And take a look at the comments there to get a sense of who’s missing from this visual list. I love the creator’s response to some comments: “the logo map’s a beta, too.” A number of these logos are of […]

Imagine if Chevron had used a blog instead

Listening this morning to a BBC World Service radio interview with Peter Robertson, vice-chairman of the Chevron oil company, I was struck in particular by his commentary about a website where the public can join Chevron in an online discussion about the future of energy. Overall, I found it a fascinating interview, with its discussion […]