A perfect visualization

Here’s a great contribution to the growing amount of information out there on the broad topic of why an organization should blog: Imagine a room with tens of thousands of your customers talking about your company and your products. That’s one way to think about the blogging community (the blogosphere). The choice for companies is […]

Voting begins for 2004 weblog awards

Voting opened today for the 2004 Weblog Awards, announced last month (see my post). With over 500 blogs represented in 34 categories, there is something here for everyone to navigate through and vote for! I’m a finalist in the Best European (Non-UK) Blog category. I would definitely welcome and appreciate your vote, thank you :)) […]

Not for love but money

Marqui, the company who is paying bloggers $800 a month to blog their product, has a list on their website of who’s signed up so far for the money: Marc Canter, Allen Herrel, Jonathan Abad, Nathan Weinberg, Molly E. Holzschlag, DL Byron, Lucas Gonze, Mitch Ratcliffe, Paolo Valdemarin, Jon Lebkowsky, Susan E. Kaup, Richard Murray, […]

Real blog ROI

One of the things that resulted from copywriter Bob Bly‘s "blogs are a complete waste of time" story in October (see my post) were lengthy (and still ongoing) discussions on a number of blogs, including mine, about showing some evidence that a blog can generate a direct return on investment (ROI). Here’s an example of […]

Communication challenges for Oracle and PeopleSoft after acquisition

CNET News: PeopleSoft’s board of directors has approved a takeover deal with Oracle worth around $10.3 billion, ending a long-running and bitter battle and creating a major software maker. CNET News | Oracle buys PeopleSoft for $10 billion So while the acquisition endgame is in sight for investors and shareholders, a great deal of work […]

The FUD begins in Oracle and PeopleSoft deal

Creating fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) about your competitors in the minds of their customers is a tactic common in the enterprise software industry, especially when you see a significant event like an acquisition that will upset the fine balance of players in a mature and consolidating market. It’s all part of the friendly business […]

The Donald is The Brand

Thanks to his real estate prowess and hit reality show, America’s most watched billionaire says his brand “has become the best brand,” reports Business Week. Business Week publishes a recent conversation with Trump to discuss the state of his business and his brand. A snippet re his hit show The Apprentice (which we see here […]

Microsoft ramps up the FUD

Following the announcement of Oracle’s acquisition of PeopleSoft on 13 December, I wrote about the outbreak of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) that began with comments by an SAP executive. Now comes news about moves by Microsoft seeking to lure PeopleSoft customers away. Microsoft-Watch reports that Microsoft didn’t waste any time in trying to win […]

New cards gapingvoid style

Business cards are essential, as everyone knows. Since my start up in November, I’ve relied on home-produced cards, printed out on my desktop printer using good template card stock from Avery. Not bad. Cheap and cheerful. Yes, but a bit boring. So I’ve ordered some new business cards that will have one of Hugh McLeod’s […]

Listen to your search results

BBC News: A Scottish firm is looking to attract web surfers with a search engine that reads out results. Called Speegle, it has the look and feel of a normal search engine, with the added feature of being able to read out the results. Scottish speech technology firm CEC Systems launched the site in November. […]

FT highlights example of blogs for internal communication

Today’s Financial Times has a report on corporate blogging that includes an excellent example of a European company using blogs for internal communication: Some companies, uncomfortable with the openness of public blogs, use them as an internal communications tool. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein, the German investment bank, has set up about 120 internal blogs to promote […]