Interview: Pete Blackshaw, Intelliseek – August 16, 2005

In this edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville enjoyed a 36-minute conversation with Pete Blackshaw, Chief Marketing and Customer Satisfaction Officer of Intelliseek, Inc, the company behind Blogpulse and Brandpulse. Topics and themes discussed include: consumer motivation and word-of-mouth marketing; measurement metrics; comparing blog search tools and what may develop in […]

Great resources for communicators

One blog that’s in my RSS reader and which I regularly scan is Adverblog by Martina Zavagno. A great resource always full of interesting news and info about campaigns and on the global advertising and marketing scene. Martina’s put up two useful lists – one that lists advertising and marketing blogs, and another that lists […]

Podcast about PodcastCon UK

Nicole Simon interviewed me yesterday as the first in a series of podcast interviews she’s doing in preparation for PodcastCon UK, the first conference in Europe dedicated to podcasting. I’m one of the presenters. Our conversation is about 27 minutes. Nicole’s notes, direct download link and RSS feed link here. Nearly 100 people have now […]

Mars dog blog gets it right

With the focus on blogging in Europe and North America, it’s good to have an opportunity to broaden one’s horizon and gain some insight into contrasting uses of this medium in Asia from a business and marketing perspective. Niall Cook reports on what two consumer product companies are doing with blogs as integral elements of […]

Alfa Romeo sponsors car blog

Italian blog portal has secured another first – Italian car maker Alfa-Romeo is sponsoring from today, 1 September. This is the first blog sponsorship deal for a European blog by a major automotive brand, said. In a press release,’s Luca Lizzeri said, "in January 2005 had 20,000 page views in […]

New blogging white paper from Edelman and Intelliseek

Edeman and Intelliseek have just published their latest white paper on word-of-mouth marketing called "Blogging from the Inside Out: The Rise and Effective Management of Employee Bloggers." The 22-page PDF document is a rich source of information that includes: Original data on the role employees play in shaping corporate reputation and on the frequency with […]

Influential Dutch marketing blog in partnering deal

Ilse Media, a Dutch publisher and blog portal, has taken a 25 percent stake in, one of the most influential marketing and business blogs in The Netherlands. Ilse Media’s strong interest is in “the knowledge power of a community of interactive marketeers,” Marketingfacts pioneer Marco Derksen told me (I’ve known Marco for much of […]