Who says CEOs aren’t blogging?

Reading again through New Frontiers in Employee Communications: Current Practices and Future Trends, a survey report published in August by the Edelman PR agency (see my post today with a summary), I was thinking again about the report finding that nearly 20% of the survey respondents said, “My CEO would never blog.” It would be […]

Edelman CEO starts blogging

Just after posting my commentary on Who says CEOs aren’t blogging?, I see that Richard Edelman, the CEO of Edelman PR, started a blog on 29 September. Here’s his mission statement for the blog: My intention is share trends in communications, the issues, lessons and insights that I gather from managing this firm. […] I […]

US PR association ignores blogging

If professional associations that represent communicators still don’t get it, it’s hardly surprising that there continue to be so many heads in the sand regarding blogging and other ‘new’ technologies that are of direct relevance to organizational communication. The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) – the world’s largest professional organization for PR practitioners, according […]

New knowledge portal for communicators launched

Communitelligence.com launched this week as the first global knowledge-sharing portal aimed at improving organizational and human communication. The site is being built and supported by global communication leaders, associations, schools and businesses linked to the common goals of elevating the profession and sharing best practices that can make all forms of communication more effective. The […]

PRSA and IABC: Exercise leadership

Earlier this week, I posted commentary about the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) ignoring blogging. My post referenced commentary from the Business Blog Consulting blog which said that, in the forthcoming PRSA conference that takes place later this month, blogging doesn’t get a mention anywhere. What’s been happening since I posted my commentary is […]

The world of cultured messages

Just been reading a thought-provoking post by Evelyn Rodriguez on her Crossroads Dispatches blog. Core concept: The compartmentalization of business and “the rest of life” is breaking down. How we treat acquaintenances, family, friends, and colleagues can’t be night-and-day different from how we’d treat prospective or current customers. Yes, this seems entirely obvious. But the […]

Two-way blogs and moderated conversations

When Richard Edelman, CEO of the Edelman PR agency, launched his blog in late September, he was welcomed enthusiastically by the PR blogging community. Two weeks on and after Edelman’s second post – he’s committed to posting once a week – some bloggers are a bit twitchy about how he’s blogging and how commenting is […]

Blogging for PR

Widely reported already by a number of bloggers today: Webpronews.com published a review of blogging as a PR tool. Among the communication bloggers and their blogs specifically mentioned in the article are, in order of mention: Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion, Steve Hall’s Adrants, John Battelle’s Searchblog, Mike Manuel’s Media Guerilla, Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business World, […]

Conversation is a two-way street

More on two-way blogs and moderated conversations, from Tom Murphy at PR Opinions: Conversation is a two way street.You don’t see companies promoting customer service phone numbers and then not employing anyone to answer the phone (those annoying automated customer service systems at least answer the call). If you’re establishing a blog, you are doing […]

Lots going on in Sweden

One European PR blog I pay attention to is Media Culpa, written by Swedish PR practitioner Hans Kullin. Hans is the PR blogging beacon on what’s going on in Sweden (and, at times, in Norway and other Nordic countries), and judging from his posts in recent weeks, there’s lots going on there. For example: Swedish […]