A rather private social network

An invitation-only online community, not open to the general public. That’s how aSmallWorld introduces itself. Looks an interesting addition to the community of social networks. Its website description states: “We list the most popular restaurants, hotels, and night clubs in over 40 major cities, summer and winter resorts and we keep track of major events, […]

EPIC: The age of participatory communication

I’m blogging in the keynote presentation being given by Andy Lark that starts the second day of the New Communications Forum 2005. Andy advocates how the age of participatory communication that has already dawned will change forever the way we communicate. To illustrate this, he presents EPIC, an 8-minute video showing a concept of what […]

Panel discussion: Blogging and branding

Highlight points from the panel – pictured, left to right: Anita Campbell, Evelyn Rodriguez, Dan Taylor, Andy Lark – moderated by Elizabeth Albrycht. The panel addressed the broad theme of how the connectedness of blogs and other networked media creates both threats and opportunities for corporate brands: Where are conversations occurring and how does this […]

Panel discussion: Blogging and journalism

Highlight points from the panel – pictured, left to right: Dan Forbush, Tom Foremski, Jeremy Wright, Heath Row – moderated by Dan Forbush. The panel addressed the impact of blogs on their work, their general view on the value of blogs as a communication channel, and how best to promote their blogs. Tom: Blogs are […]

Online conference on social networking

Via Elizabeth Albrycht, news of an event that’s just made for anyone involved in communicating or collaborating online – Online Social Networks 2005: OSN2005 will be a summit for all those interested in working with social networking processes, tools, and media. In addition to attending many workshops, panels, and presentations by leading experts and practitioners, […]

European spotlight on learning about new media

Three great learning, professional development and personal/business networking events coming up in continental Europe in April: 1. New Communications Forum 2005: 5-6 April, Eurodisney Resort, Paris. An interactive, international forum – comprising an extended, meaningful conversation and the sharing of ideas and theories about the future of communications – this event is the European follow-up […]

Defining the future of blogs and social networks in Europe

A conference taking place in Paris next month is rapidly shaping up into what could be a defining event in Europe about social networks, corporate blogging, nanopublishing and where it’s all heading. An initiative by Loic Le Meur, Executive VP Europe of Six Apart, the one-day event was originally known as "Internet 2.0." It has […]

New social network focuses on building trust

A new business networking service hopes to set itself apart by de-emphasizing the friends-bringing-in-friends strategy of many social networks and, instead, matching up people according to their professional affiliations and interests. InternetWeek reports on new entrant Common Network, which launched in February, and its plans to grow by partnering with larger organizations as a private-label […]