Good review of TypePad

Review in the Chicago Sun Times about TypePad, the service that hosts my blog. If you’re considering using TypePad, or switching to it from another provider, this article will give you a pretty balanced view. […] And honestly, if you haven’t thought of yourself as The Blogging Kind, you should reconsider. As a mechanism for […]

RSS on the mainstream verge

Another good example of how RSS is being used more and more as the information center of choice. Greg Hughes says he saves about 300 hours of time per week because he gets much of his information through RSS webfeeds: I use RSS feeds for practically everything now. Rarely do I browse to a web […]

Browser irritations

Since switching to Firefox some weeks ago, I’ve noticed some things that are beginning to become irritating with it, if not actually downright annoying: #1: Clicking a link or typing the URL for some specific websites results in a total freeze/hang. I get the page loading text on the tab, the little spinning thingy spins, […]

City-wide WiFi comes to Amsterdam

Good news if you have a wireless PC in Amsterdam (I live here and have a wireless PC!) – Bink reports that startup firm HotSpot Amsterdam launched a wireless computer network yesterday with a supercharged version of the WiFi technology that is used to turn homes, airports, hotels and cafes into web-connected hot spots. Bink […]

Skype on multiple platforms

Internet telephony service provider Skype released a new public beta yesterday of its software for Mac OS X. Skype software is now available on the major platforms – Windows, Pocket PC, Linux (beta) and Macintosh. Skype | Download Skype In my experience, Skype really is an excellent communication tool as I’ve commented previously. Worth getting, […]

Rough Guide to internet cafes worldwide

Yahoo! Mail announced the winners of its inaugural Internet Cafe Awards. The global award categories include most stylish cafe, most remote, most unusual and best in the UK. From the website, you can download an excellent 65-page PDF e-book that contains details of Internet cafes worldwide. Published in conjunction with Rough Guides. Handy to have! […]

New Mozilla website gets it right launched a new website design on 31 August. Unlike the new Microsoft website, which suffers from some significant look-and-feel differences depending on which browser you use (see post), Mozilla’s looks exactly the same in any browser. I visited with Firefox, Internet Explorer and Maxthon. No differences in appearance or functionality. Good work. Mozilla […]

Windows Media Player 10: Very nice!

Just installed Windows Media Player 10, released by Microsoft today. For Windows XP only. First impressions: Easy install, very easy to set up (takes already-configured options from Media Player 9, if you had that installed), fresh and updated look, seems to load faster than MP 9. The presentation of various features is very different to […]

Amsterdam WiFi network roll-out

A follow-up to my post on 31 August re the new WiFi network that’s being established in Amsterdam by HotSpot Amsterdam. As The Register reported on 2 September, Amsterdam is going to be the first European capital where WiFi will be available almost everywhere, not just in hotels or cafes. Startup Hotspot Amsterdam […] plans […]

IBC 2004 entertainment tech event in Amsterdam

The IBC 2004 conference and exhibition takes place at the RAI conference center in Amsterdam from 9-14 September. Growing from its roots in broadcasting, IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) attracts 40,000 professionals involved in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment content worldwide. The IBC Exhibition features over 1,000 of the industry’s leading companies, with every […]

Sun to develop enterpise blogging tools

Sun Microsystems plans to include Roller blogging technology as part of its enterprise software, according to an report today. Roller is server-based weblogging software designed to support multiple simultaneous blog users and visitors. To kick start this, Sun has hired Dave Johnson, the founder of Roller, to “design, develop, and deploy the primary blogging […]

Skype is hard to resist

Great article in today’s New York Times about Skype, the internet telephone service. I’ve written a few posts about Skype (latest) as I think it’s an excellent service from my experience so far. The New York Times | Techno Files: In Internet Calling, Skype Is Living Up to the Hype (free registration required). If you […]

blinkx: A new way to search

Interesting desktop application – blinkx. It links together information from files on your own computer, and can suggest content from news sites, the internet, video and blogs. The developers say it’s not designed to replace current search engines like Google or Yahoo, but is a completely new way to use information on and from the […]

That’s WiFi with your pint of bitter

Now you can catch up with your email in the pub. No more excuses! The Register reports that 60 Shepherd Neame pubs in England (in Kent, Surrey, London, Sussex and Essex) are to get hooked up to wireless broadband by Christmas as the brewery expands its scheme to help bring wireless broadband to more of […]