Blogrolling fatal error

I’ve been using Blogrolling for the past month as the aggregator for my blog links. Great service, no complaints. Today, though, I noticed that my blogroll wasn’t showing up in my blog, in the left column. Going to the Blogrolling website and trying to log in produced this fatal error message: Using a service like […]

Unreliable Blogrolling

Something’s clearly wrong at Blogrolling. Following my post on Friday re my blogroll not appearing on this blog, it’s doing the same again today. Trying to connect to the Blogrolling website just now produces a ‘connection refused’ error message. This is such a shame as it’s a very good service. But I’ve seen increasing numbers […]

Rescuing relationships for Blogrolling

The frustrations of the past four days for Blogrolling users – me included – look like coming to a positive conclusion. Last night, there finally was a detailed explanation from Blogrolling’s Ross Rader on what happened re the planned migration to a new server – and what went wrong over the weekend and why there […]

BlogJet and Ecto reviewed

For the past ten days, I’ve been using BlogJet and ecto to create some of my posts. Both these applications are offline blog editing tools which let you manage your post content wholly offline, creating your content on your own computer and then publishing that content to your blog. I’m going to focus my comments […]

Ecto does support thumbnails

In my review of BlogJet and ecto that I posted this morning, I said that ecto does not support the creation and posting of thumbnail images to a TypePad blog. Well, that isn’t correct as ecto developer Alex Hung commented. Indeed, when I checked the options in ecto for Windows version that I’m now […]

TypePad opens in Belgium and Holland

Congratulations, TypePad (the blog hosting service I use), for starting a Dutch/French-language service for Belgium and a Dutch-language service for The Netherlands. This news reported today by Loïc Le Meur, Exec VP and General Manager Europe, Middle East and Africa of Six Apart (the owner of TypePad), in his blog. TypePad now offers five localized […]

Jupiter Media blankets the search world

News from Jupiter Media CEO Alan Meckler: During the summer Jupitermedia launched a chat and discussion site called Traffic is growing daily and there are now almost 2,000 members. Page view traffic has surpassed 20,000 per day. When combined with the 120,000 daily page views for our well established SearchEngineWatch site and the nearly […]

New RSS reader targets bloggers

There’s a new RSS reader on the market – Blog Navigator. Folllowing beta testing for the past few months, Stardock – about whom I’ve posted on their Windows customization apps – released version 1.0 yesterday. From the press release: Blog Navigator is a program designed to make it easy for users who enjoy reading blogs […]

Free guide to corporate blogging

Fredrik Wackå at CorporateBloggingInfo has put together a guide to corporate blogging. A very good introduction to the subject. It covers some of the reasons for corporate blogging, examples of six types of corporate blogs, 14 steps to a business blog, and more. Fredrik’s made the PDF guide freely available for download. CorporateBloggingInfo | Beginner’s […]

TypePad makes it even easier

If you run a blog hosted by TypePad, you’ll be pleased to know that a number of major upgrades to the service were announced yesterday: True WYSIWYG rich text editing interface so you can see common text formatting options like bold, italic, underline and strikethrough, as you edit. You still have the choice to use […]