TypePad holiday giveaway

From an announcement on 25 November in the Everything TypePad blog: Starting [this] week, TypePad customers will be able to visit TypePad.com and purchase “the gift of a TypePad” for anyone on their holiday shopping list at a special holiday promotional price. An annual subscription of our TypePad Basic, Plus and Pro services will be […]

It’s about Target’s reputation

It has been interesting seeing the different reactions to the Target marijuana story during the past few days. Web Pro News has a good summary of events, including an explanation of how Target’s e-commerce website works as a front-end for Amazon.com. Whatever you see on Target’s website, they don’t really sell marijuana, it seems. Neither […]

Apple blogs

I’ve not seen this news on any blogs – maybe I just missed it – but Apple started a corporate* blog on 28 November. The Apple Blog * CORRECTION: No, it’s not actually a corporate blog, as pointed out in the comments to this post. Not even an Apple blog. It’s a blog about Apple.

Blog Wars Episode II

A report yesterday by Microsoft Watch said that Microsoft is about to launch a blogging service, MSN Spaces, this week: MSN is expected to tout MSN Spaces as a direct competitor to blog-creation and hosting tools, such as Blogger, Blog*Spot, LiveJournal and TypePad. Microsoft also will position MSN Spaces as a way to allow users […]

One swallow does not make a summer

So IABC chairman David Kistle finally blogged a new post yesterday on the IABC Chair blog, nearly six weeks after his last post. He says, “I’ve heard from more than a few that they thought the Blog was dead or dying, but that’s not the case.” That’s good to hear, David. Does this mean we […]

Webinar on blogging for business

If you want to learn what blogging means for your business and how you can “blog for business,” this free one-hour webinar on 16 December could be helpful. Starting at 2pm US Eastern Time (that’s 7pm GMT), the webinar will cover: Marketing Content vs. Editorial Content Blogs vs. CMS (Content Management System) Blogs vs. Chat/Discussion […]

Contribute thinking for a new communication model

As part of preparation for an IAOC blog discussion in January, Elizabeth Albrycht is asking for thought contributions from communicators: I believe a fundamental shift in the entire model of communications (under which I include marketing, PR, advertising, etc.) is now possible. I am talking about moving from the old command/control, uni-directional, war-metaphor driven practices […]

Voting begins for 2004 weblog awards

Voting opened today for the 2004 Weblog Awards, announced last month (see my post). With over 500 blogs represented in 34 categories, there is something here for everyone to navigate through and vote for! I’m a finalist in the Best European (Non-UK) Blog category. I would definitely welcome and appreciate your vote, thank you :)) […]

Not for love but money

Marqui, the company who is paying bloggers $800 a month to blog their product, has a list on their website of who’s signed up so far for the money: Marc Canter, Allen Herrel, Jonathan Abad, Nathan Weinberg, Molly E. Holzschlag, DL Byron, Lucas Gonze, Mitch Ratcliffe, Paolo Valdemarin, Jon Lebkowsky, Susan E. Kaup, Richard Murray, […]

PubSub brings news you might never see otherwise

I find PubSub extremely useful for tracking themes and topics I’m interested in. For instance, one of the PubSub subscriptions I have looks for blog posts that contain the phrases “organizational communication” and “corporate communication.” Every instance it finds, it sends me the posts as an RSS feed which I then see in FeedDemon. PubSub […]

Mapping visitors

As ever an embracer of new tools and apps that let me customize my Windows or my blog, I’ve just found a rather interesting tool that will show who’s visiting my blog at any given moment. What’s cool about this one is that it shows this info as a world map and identifies which countries […]

A blog is a great CRM tool

Guillaume du Gardier recounts an experience in a post in the CEO Bloggers’ Club from meeting with the sales team of an international company in which blogging was discussed: The first reaction of the sale team was negative, as they are afraid to see their client talking about prices or problems they might have when […]