Microsoft leads corporate blogging

With all the ongoing disussison about corporate blogging – who is, who isn’t and who should be – let’s recognize Microsoft’s lead as the world’s biggest blogging company (probably), meaning the company with the most employees blogging. Various numbers are flying about, but it’s likely that between 600-700 employees are now blogging publicly. That’s really […]

Porn blogs ahead of the curve

When I had my blog on BlogSpot, one thing I noticed each time I posted an article and checked in the listing of updated blogs (yep, I used to do that after every post!) was the amazing numbers of blogs with names like ‘sexy Zeta-Jones pics’ or ‘Britney’s secret honeymoon blog’ and similar. Just loads […]

Business-focused blogs in The Netherlands

In my daily travels through the blogosphere, I’ve not had a great deal of luck in finding good business-focused blogs here in The Netherlands with which I can connect and get some conversations going. In my specific areas of interest – business communication and technology – I was beginning to think that maybe I’m the […]

Blog Wars Episode 1

A report this morning from Reuters says that Microsoft is launching a blogging service in Japan on a trial basis, and aims to have one million users in the first year. That sets things up for a major clash with blog services leaders like Blogger who offers free blog hosting. Blogger is owned by Google, […]

IABC members call to action!

A call to action to all bloggers who are members of IABC, the International Association of Business Communicators. With so much debate and discussion going on about blogging and organizations in a wide range of business blogs, I’ve been surprised to note that hardly anyone who is an IABC member is joining in any of […]

Yahoo lawsuit: fear factor for corporate blogs

A California lawyer has filed a potential class action lawsuit against Yahoo, according to a BBC News report today. The report says the lawyer was subject to a “barrage of harassing, defamatory and abusive messages” from anonymous users on a Yahoo message board. The lawyer has accused Yahoo of sheltering users who harass people in […]

Business Week: Blogs are good for business

Business Week has published a detailed commentary in this week’s edition on the benefits of business blogs for organizations and how company executives are finding blogs useful for promoting their businesses as well as their points of view. The article has clearly captured other business bloggers’ attention as I’ve already seen it highighted on at […]

Are blogs worth the hype?

CNET News published a comprehensive editorial feature today that discusses the Big Question: Will blogs truly revolutionize the way people consume media? The feature includes discussion and commentary on the US Democratic National Convention and participation by bloggers, a look at what journalists say about the worth of blogs, and the views of some critics […]

BBC journalist blogs the Olympics

I was thinking today about the Olympic Games that start this Friday 13 August and wondering how blogs will fit into the media extravaganza to bring such an event to billions of people worldwide. Then I came across a blog by Stuart Hughes, a news producer with BBC News in London, who is going to […]

US bloggers see the future

Paul Chaney of Radiant Marketing in Tupelo, Mississippi, USA, has posted the thoughts and opinions of some high-profile US business bloggers re how they see the future of blogging. Not another self-promotional piece by bloggers about blogging, you may be thinking. Actually, no, far from it. There are some very interesting views expressed in Paul’s […]

Corporate blog list: Is there one?

I spent some time today with Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, various wikis, websites and blogs in trying to find a listing of corporate blogs. I looked at WSJ, Fast Company, Business 2.0, the Guardian, Business Week and I can’t remember how many others. Lots of results but not what I’m looking for. Is there a […]

Corporate blog list: Yes, there is one!

Yesterday, I posted a plea for information on a list of corporate blogs. I quickly heard from Constantin Basturea that he’s started such a list in the Resources section of the New PR Wiki. Please visit and add your knowledge! The New PR Wiki – Resources.CEOBlogsList

Disclosure – more, please

Canadian journalist David Akin has done something on his blog that I’d like to see on more blogs written by journalists – a detailed disclosure of who pays for his blog. In David’s case, he goes into some detail to say that nobody does; he lists some relationships he has with various organizations to do […]

Flying blog

Lunchtime break, good time to review what’s come in on RSS over the past couple of hours. Reading a news item on the BBC about Global Flyer, the jet plane in which US adventurer Steve Fossett plans to fly non-stop around the world early next year without refuelling. The high-profile backer of Global Flyer is […]