Expanding blogs to make money

From the Financial Times, 1 September: There are lots of ways to make money with weblogs. Henry Copeland’s Blogads.com is helping politicians raise campaign funds. Nick Denton’s Gawker Media is accumulating huge audiences with an editorial mix of sex, politics and gossip. Brian Stelter sold Cablenewser.com to a company that wanted more traffic for its […]

Deutsche Welle BOBs: Global blog awards

DW-World, the online portal of German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, has launched “The BOBs – Best of the Blogs” awards. DW plans to honour the best blogs in 11 different categories, including Best Weblog, Best Topic, Best Design, Best Weblog Innovation and Best Journalistic Weblog. A total of seven of the Best Journalism prizes will […]

CEO Bloggers Club gets up to speed

The CEO Bloggers Club started last month by Guillaume du Gardier in Paris is getting up to speed. The club now has over 12 members, not only in France but also from Spain and from as far afield as Canada. Great initiative, Guillaume! Read an interview with Guillaume by Fredrik Wackå of CorporateBlogging.Info about the […]

The real threat of blogs

US commentator Douglas Rushkoff on the real threat of blogs: I believe that the most dangerous thing about blogs to the status quo is that so many of them exist for reasons other than to make money. A thriving community of people who are engaged for free, to me, have a certain authority that people […]

The audience is in charge: Making the case for the new internal communication model

What are the key issues about blogs, wikis and other communication channels that senior internal communication managers need to be thinking about right now in the context of effective employee engagement? In my conversations with senior internal communicators in mid-size and large companies in some European countries, I continue to encounter blank looks or comments […]

FAQ about blogging, PR and journalism

A link from Steve Rubel got me into a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek description of Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask by Simon World. Tongue in cheek or not, it’s a must-read. Got me thinking about other great ‘guides’ – PR and journalism easily spring to mind. So, courtesy of the […]

Get wicked at gapingvoid

If you haven’t yet discovered Hugh Mcleod’s gapingvoid blog, you’re missing the most wicked humour there is on the internet. Yes, even better than Dilbert. Hugh creates the most excellent cartoons, many of which you wouldn’t want to let your mother see, but all of which illustrate intelligent insight into what makes things tick these […]

How to create and promote your blog

Here’s a well-written and easy-to-follow guide to best practice in creating the content for your blog, and then promoting it. Written by Biz Stone of Blogger, the guide has the usual content you’d expect – setting up your blog, how to focus your post content (think of the audience), publish frequently, etc. The guide also […]

HP guides to blogging

Two moves by Hewlett-Packard into the blogging area. Well, as least guidance about blogging: HP US just published a guide to blogging for small- and medium-size businesses – Hewlett-Packard US | Small & Medium Business: technology tips | 101 Series: Blogging This is a very concise but quite a good guide to business blogging. And […]

Blogging for love not money

Bloggers at this summer’s US political conventions brought heightened visibility to blogging, but the money, for most bloggers, is still missing, according to an eWeek.com report. eWeek | Pro Bloggers Find Workload High, Return Slim Proof of Rule #12 in Simon World’s Everything you wanted to know about blogging but were afraid to ask.

No messing about in China

China executes bank employees in fraud crackdown. Pretty extreme. There would definitely never have been an Enron or Worldcom fraud in China. CNN | China executes bank staff for fraud (Via Dvorak Uncensored.) Speaking about China, Loïc le Meur has some good tips on working around the Chinese restrictions/censorship on internet access if you want […]

European business school blog as part of curriculum

A superb example of how a blog can have great value in an educational environment. The Euromed Business School in Marseilles, France, launched a blog last month as an intregral element of its knowledge management curriculum: This blog has a double purpose. It aims to contribute to the discussion and development of the academic field […]

PR policy for Microsoft blogger

Robert Scoble is undoubtedly the most high-profile and best-known Microsoft employee blogger – if not the best-known business-technology blogger, period – certainly in business and technology blogging circles and in the media. Robert’s blog Scobleizer and his link blog Scoble present reliable and trusted sources of rich information about what’s going on at Microsoft as well as […]

New Sony blog service?

This is a time when I wish I spoke Japanese. There’s a Japanese-language website called So-net blog with a copyright notice at the bottom saying ‘Sony Communication Network Corporation’ and the only English word you can see in the help page text is ‘blog.’ Is this another consumer blog service Sony is launching in Japan? […]

RSS: Orange not blue

Those little orange XML buttons you see on blogs and websites are becoming more prolific. They signify a link to the site’s RSS webfeed. So a quick right-click and it’s easy to add a feed, a new channel, to your RSS reader (I use FeedDemon and it’s dead easy). For some time, I’ve had this […]