Business models for blog technologies

David Teten and Scott Allan of Online Business Networks have written a useful article on Twelve Business Models for Blog Technologies. Some interesting ideas if you’re thinking about business or investment opportunities around blogging. Summary: Traditional businesses leveraging blogs: Individual virtual presence – the use of a blog to enhance your visibility and professional reputation. […]

Do terrorists blog?

From a BBC News report yesterday: The capture of alleged al-Qaeda computer expert Mohamed Naem Noor Khan by the Pakistani authorities in July brought with it an unprecedented haul of high-tech intelligence. Speaking in London last month, America’s homeland security chief Tom Ridge said the volume of potential information was “the largest we’ve ever seen […]

Six Apart gets more VC funding

The future is looking rosy for Six Apart, the company behind the TypePad blog hosting service (the one I use) and the Movable Type blog publishing platform. Business 2.0 journalist Om Malik published an exclusive announcement on his blog yesterday stating that Six Apart is about to secure more venture funding in their series B […]

PRSA and IABC: Exercise leadership

Earlier this week, I posted commentary about the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) ignoring blogging. My post referenced commentary from the Business Blog Consulting blog which said that, in the forthcoming PRSA conference that takes place later this month, blogging doesn’t get a mention anywhere. What’s been happening since I posted my commentary is […]

Fake blogs, true buzz

The Chicago Tribune reported this weekend on how phony messages and hoax campaigns on the internet have gained acceptance as a marketing promotional tool with a goal of drawing attention to new product offerings. The paper quotes the example of a video-game tester named Beta-7. When he began suffering from blackouts and uncontrollable fits of […]

IT Kitchen ready for recipes

The IT Kitchen I commented on a few weeks ago is now ready for business. The concept of Shelley Powers at Burningbird, the IT Kitchen is a workshop for bloggers and those who read blogs, where you can contribute commentary and essays. It takes place from Monday 25 October until Friday 5 November. Actually, that […]

Two-way blogs and moderated conversations

When Richard Edelman, CEO of the Edelman PR agency, launched his blog in late September, he was welcomed enthusiastically by the PR blogging community. Two weeks on and after Edelman’s second post – he’s committed to posting once a week – some bloggers are a bit twitchy about how he’s blogging and how commenting is […]

Blogging for PR

Widely reported already by a number of bloggers today: published a review of blogging as a PR tool. Among the communication bloggers and their blogs specifically mentioned in the article are, in order of mention: Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion, Steve Hall’s Adrants, John Battelle’s Searchblog, Mike Manuel’s Media Guerilla, Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business World, […]

Jupiter Media blankets the search world

News from Jupiter Media CEO Alan Meckler: During the summer Jupitermedia launched a chat and discussion site called Traffic is growing daily and there are now almost 2,000 members. Page view traffic has surpassed 20,000 per day. When combined with the 120,000 daily page views for our well established SearchEngineWatch site and the nearly […]

Conversation is a two-way street

More on two-way blogs and moderated conversations, from Tom Murphy at PR Opinions: Conversation is a two way street.You don’t see companies promoting customer service phone numbers and then not employing anyone to answer the phone (those annoying automated customer service systems at least answer the call). If you’re establishing a blog, you are doing […]