Microsoft executive emails: Great blog candidates

For some time, I’ve subscribed to Microsoft executive emails, the ones that periodically come out under either Bill Gates’ or, more usually, Steve Ballmer’s name. These emails address topical technology-in-business issues, and discuss how they relate to Microsoft’s products and services, obviously with a clear and strong Microsoft view. While some people cynically view these […]

New RSS reader targets bloggers

There’s a new RSS reader on the market – Blog Navigator. Folllowing beta testing for the past few months, Stardock – about whom I’ve posted on their Windows customization apps – released version 1.0 yesterday. From the press release: Blog Navigator is a program designed to make it easy for users who enjoy reading blogs […]

Sun interviews Tony Perkins on blogging

Reverse-interview: Tony Perkins (founder and editor Red Herring, and founder and chief editor Always On Network) interviewed about business blogging by Sun Microsystems: Blogs are one of today’s hottest and most widely available technologies. They affect elections, create instant celebrities, generate scandals, and open amazing potential for open communication. As a business executive, you should […]

Delta employee not fired for blogging

The story about Ellen Simonetti, the Delta Airlines employee in trouble regarding a photo she published on her blog, is making the rounds of the blogosphere. Nearly every post I’ve seen in the past two days has got it completely wrong. See the first line of this post, above. Ellen’s got into trouble with her […]

Free guide to corporate blogging

Fredrik Wack√• at CorporateBloggingInfo has put together a guide to corporate blogging. A very good introduction to the subject. It covers some of the reasons for corporate blogging, examples of six types of corporate blogs, 14 steps to a business blog, and more. Fredrik’s made the PDF guide freely available for download. CorporateBloggingInfo | Beginner’s […]

Yet more reasons for policies on blogging

ComputerWorld has a very good article on the legal issues and potential liabilities facing companies whose employees blog, whether those employees do so officially or not. The article discusses topics that include libel, disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, careless statements that can be used during litigation, the risks of loose-cannon bloggers, and advocates […]

Satirical poke at UK PR

A welcome addition to the UK PR scene – Spin Bunny, with a refreshing satirical view on the industry: In the summer heat of August 2004 a crack team of PR professionals met at a secret London location to plot the launch of an alternative PR industry trade rag. An old fashioned publication based on […]

Corporate blogging: Setting the ground rules

Yesterday, I posted a contribution to the Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog collaborative blog on the subject of establishing clear policies regarding corporate blogging. It’s a mini-essay that discusses why companies and organizations need to pay attention now to how they enable blogging as a communication channel, and avoid messy and potentially damaging outcomes […]

TypePad makes it even easier

If you run a blog hosted by TypePad, you’ll be pleased to know that a number of major upgrades to the service were announced yesterday: True WYSIWYG rich text editing interface so you can see common text formatting options like bold, italic, underline and strikethrough, as you edit. You still have the choice to use […]

IAOC hosts online PR blogging event

Constantin Basturea reports that the recently-formed International Association of Online Communicators (IAOC) has started a blog. What’s more, starting on Monday 8 November, IAOC will be facilitating an online blogging event throughout the coming week – the Thrilla’ in Mozilla blog fest – that will feature a different contributor each day: A-list US marketing and […]

BloggerCon III takes place today

BloggerCon III gets underway today in California. The focus of BloggerCon is weblogs in journalism, education, science, business and politics. BloggerCon is an unusual conference. There are no formal speakers, panels or an audience, but discussions and sessions, and each session has a discussion leader. It’s an un-conference and there is no cost to participate. […]

Bloggers blogging BloggerCon

In the coming days, no doubt we’ll be seeing lots of commentary, discussion and analysis on many blogs about BloggerCon III which took place in the US on 6 November (see my post). To help find blogs commenting about the event, try this Technorati link: See these reports by O’Reilly Network correspondent John Adams, […]

Communicators’ views on BloggerCon

Good commentaries about BloggerCon III from Australian PR practitioner Trevor Cook who was there, with some focused thinking on what it all means from the business, PR and general communication perspectives. (What’s BloggerCon?) Blogging, journalism and public relations Bloggercon: the vendor problem Blogging and money The Bloggercon ‘politics’ session Some Bloggercon reflections – the podcasting […]