Codes and policies to blog by

A welcome contribution to a clear code of practice for bloggers comes from Charlene Li at Forrester Research. As part of a report into corporate blogging that Charlene prepared, and which Forrester published last week, come 13 suggestions for a blogger ‘code of ethics’ (I prefer the expression ‘code of practice’): I will tell the […]

Gaining an education

Looks like copywriter Bob Bly has come around to the view that perhaps blogs aren’t a complete waste of time after all: B.L. Ochman | Bob Bly Would Like Some Marketing Blog ROI Info Related NevOn posts: Developing a conversation with Bob Bly The story of the copywriter who didn’t get it

Disappointing IABC blog

Two fellow IABC members and bloggers, Shel Holtz and Allan Jenkins, have commented about the lengthy gap between posts by IABC Chair David Kistle on the IABC Chair blog launched last month. It is so – David’s last post was on 24 October, nearly three weeks ago. Since the blog launched on 7 October, there […] now in 10 languages

Google has launched 9 internationalized language versions of its Blogger free blog hosting service, according to an Infoworld report. Key Blogger sections, such as its sign-in and account pages, are now available in Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to English, making 10 languages in total. […]

Weblog Awards contest begins

The 2004 Weblog Awards contest is open for accepting nominations. Lots of categories, so something for just about everyone. For full details about the awards, the categories and the nomination procedures, see the nominations master post on the blog. I’m nominated in the Best European (Non-UK) Blog category. Ok, so I nominated my own blog – […]

Just say no, bloggers

Oh dear. Quite a bit of talk this past week about the notion put forward by some people in the US to form a committee on blogging ethics. There’d be a domain registered ( and the committee would work on keeping the blogosphere honest so helping prevent evil marketers spin their deceitful ways. Just hang […]

IABC blog disappointment continues

Today’s the 30th anniversary of the IABC Chair blog. Clarification – the 30th consecutive day since anything was posted to the blog. Fellow IABC members and bloggers Shel Holtz and Allan Jenkins have some comments about this today, and some good suggestions on what IABC can do to get back on track with the blog. […]

A perfect visualization

Here’s a great contribution to the growing amount of information out there on the broad topic of why an organization should blog: Imagine a room with tens of thousands of your customers talking about your company and your products. That’s one way to think about the blogging community (the blogosphere). The choice for companies is […]

Ukraine blogs

[BBC News image] Headline news items on nearly every TV station and online media site is what’s happening in Ukraine. For instance, this latest report from BBC News. And this from the Kyiv Post. There are increasing numbers of blogs being written by people inside Ukraine and elsewhere, with comments and views that reflect the […]