Imagine if Chevron had used a blog instead

Listening this morning to a BBC World Service radio interview with Peter Robertson, vice-chairman of the Chevron oil company, I was struck in particular by his commentary about a website where the public can join Chevron in an online discussion about the future of energy. Overall, I found it a fascinating interview, with its discussion […]

Switch to new blog imminent

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve been experimenting with the Movable Type and WordPress blog platforms since last August, with a move to a new blog the planned conclusion of that experimenting. It’s taken longer than I originally planned, but I’m just about ready to make the switch to a new blog. […]

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Podcast #113: February 20, 2006

Content summary: Luke Armour’s PR paper download; New Communications Forum 2006; announcing IABC conference podcasts; what we’ve been up to this past week; the Techcrunch party; IABC Communication Commons launches; influential authorities on business blogging – survey; WELS goes to the next level; the Guinness UK marketing blog; Donald Rumsfeld’s call for better US government […]

The last post at NevOn

From today, I won’t be posting here at NevOn any longer. This blog now becomes an archive, the place of record, of my writings and conversations since July 2004. I’ve moved to a new home, a place where I hope we can continue those conversations. That place is If you subscribe to the NevOn […]