Corporate responsibility reporting enters the mainstream

International accounting firm KPMG has published the results of its latest survey on corporate responsibility reporting. The survey report shows continuing support for corporate responsibility and open communication by the leaders of many of the world’s most successful and biggest companies: Corporate responsibility (CR) reporting in industrialized countries has clearly entered the mainstream, with Japan […]

Communicating the power of 3

Listening to eBay’s investor conference call last night which took place to discuss eBay’s acquisition of Skype, and following along with the slide presentation (PDF), it’s now clearer to me what the expected synergies are from this deal from eBay‘s and Skype‘s perspectives. It’s something they’re calling the Power of 3: (Click to see a […]

GM’s Bob Lutz: The disruptive communicator

He was the first General Motors executive blogger when the GM Fastlane Blog launched last January. Now he’s the first GM executive podcaster on FastLane Radio, GM’s podcast series launched in February. GM vice chairman Bob Lutz stars in a Q&A discussion with Bill O’Neill, GM’s executive director of communications. During much of the 20-minute […]

Lessons from Interpublic’s global financial chaos

The Financial Times reports the sobering story of marketing and ad agency group Interpublic who, after over 400 acquisitions and global expansion, found itself having to restate its accounts for the past ten years and be the subject of an SEC investigation into its accounting practices: […] The company discovered “instances of deliberate falsification of […]