One more tool in your marketing toolbox

Charlene Li at industry analysts Forrester Research has some sound advice from Bill Flitter, VP of Marketing at Pheedo, on successful blog best practice: Focus on your core interest area to establish yourself as an expert. Create at least 15-20 meaningful posts BEFORE you open your blog to the public. When people visit for the […]

Don’t forget the reality checks

Like most communicators who blog, I’m a strong advocate for encouraging, persuading, prodding and cajoling my fellow communicators into introducing blogs in their organizations as part of their communication planning. This isn’t a blind, because-it’s-there thing – although, depending on the organization, elements of that approach can be a very good idea in applying a […]

Microsoft executive emails: Great blog candidates

For some time, I’ve subscribed to Microsoft executive emails, the ones that periodically come out under either Bill Gates’ or, more usually, Steve Ballmer’s name. These emails address topical technology-in-business issues, and discuss how they relate to Microsoft’s products and services, obviously with a clear and strong Microsoft view. While some people cynically view these […]

Yet more reasons for policies on blogging

ComputerWorld has a very good article on the legal issues and potential liabilities facing companies whose employees blog, whether those employees do so officially or not. The article discusses topics that include libel, disclosure of trade secrets and confidential information, careless statements that can be used during litigation, the risks of loose-cannon bloggers, and advocates […]

Corporate blogging: Setting the ground rules

Yesterday, I posted a contribution to the Kitchen: How to Cook a Weblog collaborative blog on the subject of establishing clear policies regarding corporate blogging. It’s a mini-essay that discusses why companies and organizations need to pay attention now to how they enable blogging as a communication channel, and avoid messy and potentially damaging outcomes […]

Codes and policies to blog by

A welcome contribution to a clear code of practice for bloggers comes from Charlene Li at Forrester Research. As part of a report into corporate blogging that Charlene prepared, and which Forrester published last week, come 13 suggestions for a blogger ‘code of ethics’ (I prefer the expression ‘code of practice’): I will tell the […]

Gaining an education

Looks like copywriter Bob Bly has come around to the view that perhaps blogs aren’t a complete waste of time after all: B.L. Ochman | Bob Bly Would Like Some Marketing Blog ROI Info Related NevOn posts: Developing a conversation with Bob Bly The story of the copywriter who didn’t get it

Podcast your voice brand

Music and sound can be an integral part of a business’s brand, say Fast Company and Strategize. Many leaders listen to music to inspire creativity and innovation. And it’s been found that corporate voicemail welcome messages can make an impact on your business and bottom line. The Top 100 Voice Brands project collects recordings of […]

The minister of silly walks online

John Cleese has a website! Lots of very silly things and the Church of Jesus Christ Capitalists. Very Pythonesque. An extension of the Cleese brand – it costs $50 to get access to "laughs, exclusive sketches, CleeseTV streaming videos, limited edition merch and meet and greet opps, access to the community, message boards, periodical chat […]

Weblog Awards contest begins

The 2004 Weblog Awards contest is open for accepting nominations. Lots of categories, so something for just about everyone. For full details about the awards, the categories and the nomination procedures, see the nominations master post on the blog. I’m nominated in the Best European (Non-UK) Blog category. Ok, so I nominated my own blog – […]