Doing the iPod shuffle

iPodlounge: Apple’s retail store in San Francisco sold 20,000 iPod shuffle units in its first four hours of availability this week, depleting its entire inventory. […] While some individuals purchased four, six, and nine of the 512MB, $99 units, the day’s record was apparently set by someone who purchased 24 at once. iPod shuffles are […]

Microsoft gags tech news bloggers

Reported on Neowin this afternoon: After an exclusive story here at regarding future Windows Mobile Technologies, Microsoft Bloggers across the world syndicated the news and each received legal threats to take down the material. Bloggers who follow Microsoft technologies are calling on Robert Scoble as a way of contacting Microsoft and are questioning Microsoft’s […]

Panel discussion: Blogging and branding

Highlight points from the panel – pictured, left to right: Anita Campbell, Evelyn Rodriguez, Dan Taylor, Andy Lark – moderated by Elizabeth Albrycht. The panel addressed the broad theme of how the connectedness of blogs and other networked media creates both threats and opportunities for corporate brands: Where are conversations occurring and how does this […]

Panel discussion: Blogging and journalism

Highlight points from the panel – pictured, left to right: Dan Forbush, Tom Foremski, Jeremy Wright, Heath Row – moderated by Dan Forbush. The panel addressed the impact of blogs on their work, their general view on the value of blogs as a communication channel, and how best to promote their blogs. Tom: Blogs are […]

The Hobson & Holtz Report – Jeremy Wright Interview – January 27, 2005

Welcome to a the second Special Edition of the Hobson & Holtz Report, a 30-minute conversation with Jeremy Wright recorded live at the New Communications Forum 2005 in Napa, California, USA, on January 27, 2005. A high-profile business blogger, Jeremy authors the Ensight blog and is now focused on building his new venture, Inside Blogging. […]