A snapshot of Google

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports on Google’s meeting with financial analysts on Wednesday, the first such meeting since the company’s initial public offering last August. Earlier this month, Google reported fourth-quarter earnings that roughly doubled from a year earlier. The Journal’s report (and related reporting, noted below) is helpful in getting to know some aspects […]

Business podcasting is taking off

It’s been interesting reading some of the reactions by business bloggers to General Motors’ first experiment with podcasting last week. This Technorati list has lots of blog commentaries, mostly positive, although most don’t discuss the podcasts from the specific communication point of view. Quick recap: GM produced two MP3 files that they mentioned in a […]

An open conversation with General Motors

A few hours ago, Shel and I had the pleasure of an 18-minute conversation with Michael Wiley, Director New Media, GM Communications, at General Motors. We interviewed Michael for the 21 February edition of our bi-weekly podcast show For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report. In our conversation, we discussed the GM FastLane Blog, […]

More media moves into RSS

Following recent news that the Financial Times and The Economist now offer RSS feeds comes more news on other media developments with RSS. Steve Rubel reports that the Associated Press offers 17 RSS feeds. This is the first time AP stories are available directly on the web in RSS as opposed to running through Yahoo […]

CeBIT provides opportunies for engagement

A new wireless network roaming service will be available to visitors attending the annual CeBIT technology trade show in Hanover, Germany, from 10-16 March, InfoWorld reports. T-Systems International, the IT services arm of Deutsche Telekom, will provide a roaming service to subscribers of wireless network operators connected to its international roaming system, according to Christian […]

New domain address for NevOn

From today, this blog has a new address: http://www.nevon.net/ This reflects domain mapping I’ve implemented at TypePad. The underlying TypePad address is still there and will continue to work. Links to existing posts, the RSS feed, etc, all will continue to work. So you need do nothing if you prefer not to. One consequence of […]

An open conversation with Robert Scoble, Microsoft geek blogger

Yesterday, Shel and I interviewed Robert Scoble, the Scobleizer, in our bi-weekly podcast show, For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report. In a 38-minute conversation, we discussed a wide range of topics, including evangelism, anti-marketing, blogging, RSS and reading feeds, email mailing lists, relationships with colleagues, internal blogs at Microsoft, The Red Couch book […]

Off-target email marketing

I received a wonderful email offer today from eWeek. The type of marketing email that illustrates a keen awareness of how to make a complete ass of yourself, diminish your chances of success and ruin an opportunity for developing any relationship. As this image shows, a snippet from the email, they’ve offered me a free […]

An open conversation with Steve Rubel, Micro Persuasion

Last Monday 21 March, Shel and I interviewed Steve Rubel for The Hobson & Holtz Report bi-weekly podcast. Steve is Vice President Client Solutions at CooperKatz, a New York PR firm, and author of the Micro Persuasion blog. He is arguably the most prominent and influential blogger in the PR profession either side of the […]

BeOS gets a new life

Om Malik writes: Hey anyone remember the funky ole BeOS which became such a darling of the hackers, and died a horrible death with Apple chose to buy NextOS and bring back Steve Jobs. Well looks like it is not dead after all, thanks to a German software start-up, Yellow Tab. They have turned BeOS […]