Edelman and Intelliseek highlight the growing influence of blogs

A newly-published white paper on blogs from PR agency group Edelman and marketing intelligence firm Intelliseek explores the importance of blogging for public relations and marketing, and provides a first-of-its-kind directory of influential bloggers, segmented by industry. The report, Trust MEdia: How Real People Are Finally Being Heard (22-page PDF available for download from both […]

GM: Poster child for the executive blog

Since General Motors began the GM FastLane Blog in early January, it’s attracted considerable attention from business communicators. That attention has been sparked by who the bloggers are – senior corporate executives, starting with GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz. The blog’s been under a continuous spotlight with a great deal of ongoing commentary and opinion […]

Interview: James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore on Open Source Marketing – April 12, 2005

In this first of our new series of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, separate from our "Hobson & Holtz Report" bi-weekly podcasts, Shel and I enjoyed a 35-minute conversation with James Cherkoff and Johnnie Moore about open source marketing. Download the conversation here (MP3, 14.6MB), or sign up for the RSS feed to get it […]

Scoble’s boss moves to Skype

Via Constantin Basturea, news that Robert Scoble‘s boss at Microsoft, Lenn Pryor, is leaving the company to join Skype. In a post in his blog yesterday, Pryor talks about his reasons for leaving Microsoft and what he’s expecting to see at Skype. He concludes his lengthy post with these words: […] I can’t wait to […]

Do people hate Oracle?

In an analysis in The Register, Philip Howard of Bloor Research discusses the database market and how vendors like IBM, Computer Associates and Microsoft are targeting Oracle and seeing weaknesses in the latter’s marketing (among other things). He says: […] Is it because [competitors] (and others) see weaknesses in Oracle? I don’t see how Oracle […]

Top brands on the net

BBC News: eBay is the top brand name on the net, according to calculations by net monitoring company Envisional. It scored the highest in terms of how positively it is perceived on the net, compared to McDonald’s which had the most negative perception online. Envisional says the top ten brands – selected from the FTSE-100 […]

Interview: Mark Elbertse and Hans Mestrum, Tulip Computers – May 11, 2005

In this latest in our series of For Immediate Release podcast interviews – complimentary to our regular "Hobson & Holtz Report" bi-weekly shows – Shel and Neville enjoyed a 24-minute conversation with Mark Elbertse, Chief Executive Officer, and Hans Mestrum, Trendwatcher, of Tulip Computers NV headquartered in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Our conversation centered on Hans […]

Podcasting: Adding the human and informal touch

Some say it’s a revolution that will change radio broadcasting and people’s listening habits for ever. Others say it’s a fad that’s of limited appeal and use beyond geeks and enthusiasts. Whatever anyone says, you’d have to admit that something that, in just eight months, has rocketed out of nowhere and today got big companies […]

RSS as the self-contained information experience

Following my post a few days ago on getting more from your RSS feed, in particular on using Feedburner’s new Total Stats Pro service, I read a very interesting report on ClickZ about RSS advertising. In the report, ClickZ managing editor Pamela Parker interviews Feedburner CEO Dick Costolo to discuss his company’s experimentation with advertising […]