New software hits and misses

Three of my favourite software apps launched new or upgraded versions recently. Only one definite hit in this group, unfortunately. WindowBlinds 5.0. The latest version of the add-on for Windows XP that lets you completely change the look-and-feel of your Windows is just great. The major improvements I can see in this version over the […]

Twiddling thumbs

Waiting for chkdsk to complete its diagnostics including a free space hard drive scan on a Windows XP computer is like watching paint dry. And about as thrilling. Continuing my housekeeping mode from yesterday, I’m now spending too much time this morning trying to nail down an irritating little issue that seems to revolve around […]

Skype 2.0 out of beta

Lots of interesting news about Skype and some of the things they’re announcing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. (Heads up for visiting the CES website: loud Flash intro page.) More interesting news – version 2.0 of Skype software for Windows is coming out of beta today and will be available […]

FeedDemon 2 beta is out

If you use the FeedDemon RSS reader for Windows, you should definitely take a look at the first beta of the forthcoming version 2. As a long-time FD user and currently on the 1.6 beta (version 2 will repalce 1.6), I’ve installed it. Wow! Definitely worth having. More later. See developer Nick Bradbury’s post for […]

Discovering Windows Live

Light blogging until the weekend as I’ll be in London tonight for the first UK preview of Microsoft’s Windows Live. Windows Live is a set of personal internet services and software designed to bring together in one place all of the relationships, information and interests people care about most, with more safety and security features […]

The Firefox upgrade and plugins dance

Mozilla released an update to the Firefox browser earlier this month which, the release notes say, provides improved stability, improved support for Mac OS X, fixes for several memory leaks and several security enhancements among other things. Notwithstanding the security fixes, I’m not upgrading to this latest version yet. The reason? If I do, […]