Leadership comes in many guises

When you think of the word ‘leadership’ and how you’d define it, you’re spoiled for choice if you look up that word in a dictionary on the net. Try this Google definition search, for example, and then decide which of the many choices fit. The definition really depends on what situation you want to apply […]

IABC Chair blog can succeed

Fellow IABC member and blogger Allan Jenkins posted a scathing commentary about IABC and Chairman David Kistle yesterday (and has attracted a bit of flack in the comments to his post as a result). What especially caught my attention in Allan’s post was his comments regarding the IABC Chair blog. Allan writes: […] While an […]

The deafening silence continues

Eric Eggertson, an IABC member in Canada, writes: […] In 10 short days I’ve gone from being a fairly satisfied IABC member with a benign attitude toward the organization’s leadership to an annoyed skeptic, wondering why such a simple organizational communications matter can’t be dealt with quickly and effectively. If the silence continues much longer, […]

Illustrating unfiltered conversation

Last week, I posted critical commentary about Anita Roddick’s website which I’d discovered when researching information about the enterprise software market (no, there’s no connection between the two – the links you follow when  researching on the net can lead you to some interesting places). Anita Roddick is well-known as the founder of The Body […]

Real organization transparency

Companies everywhere talk a lot about how important their employees are and the contribution they make to overall success. But most companies don’t do this with the public openness and transparency demonstrated by CMS Cameron McKenna, an international law firm headquartered in London. The Financial Times reports that CMS Cameron McKenna is believed to be […]

GM: Poster child for the executive blog

Since General Motors began the GM FastLane Blog in early January, it’s attracted considerable attention from business communicators. That attention has been sparked by who the bloggers are – senior corporate executives, starting with GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz. The blog’s been under a continuous spotlight with a great deal of ongoing commentary and opinion […]

Nike breaks new ground in communication transparency

Communicating on corporate responsibility doesn’t get more transparent than this. The Financial Times reports: Today Nike breaks a three-year silence on social reporting as it publishes its 2004 corporate responsibility report. This is Nike’s first report since a 2002 California supreme court ruling that the company could be sued by Mark Kasky, a labour rights […]

Bland but with gems

Kudos to Jeremy Pepper for securing a blog interview with Lord Chadlington, aka Peter Gummer, the ex-journalist, PR man and brother of John Gummer, British Conservative politician (and minister in John Major’s government in the early 1990s). Chadlington is a founder of Shandwick, now Weber Shandwick, one of the big PR agencies and part of […]

IBM publishes guidelines for employee bloggers

The news last Friday that IBM is introducing a large-scale corporate blogging initiative has attracted plenty of attention, both in the blogosphere and by mainstream media. Today, IBM published on its employee intranet its draft guidelines for corporate blogging. James Snell, a member of IBM’s Software Standards Strategy Group, has posted those guidelines on his […]

Interview: Mike Wing, IBM – May 20, 2005

For anyone with an opinion about corporate blogging, the big news this week was IBM’s dynamic step into the blogosphere with their initiative to enable employee blogging and making publicly available their detailed employee blogging guidelines. In this special edition of For Immediate Release podcast interviews, Shel and Neville enjoyed a 53-minute conversation with Mike […]