Grin and bear it

As soon as I arrived at Heathrow airport this afternoon and saw the lines of TV trucks, I knew things did not look good. Over the past 24 hours, the news has been full of reports of the cancellation of all British Airways flights out of Heathrow. My flight back to Amsterdam isn’t until 8pm […]

Homeward bound

So I’m sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow Terminal 4 waiting for my BA flight back to Amsterdam. After being stuck here for the past 24 hours (in the UK, not at the airport itself), it will be good to get home. Looking good that the flight will actually get way, in about 20 […]

Changes and constants in Budapest

I returned last night from a business trip to Budapest, Hungary, my first visit there since 2003. Reading the Budapest Sun and the Budapest Business Journal during my stay, I was struck as always by the vibrancy and energy of the business climate in this country. While Hungary may not currently have the strongest economy […]

Winter weather arrives

Sitting in my hotel room in Strasbourg, France, late evening, catching up with email (always a constant task!), I look out of the window to a world of white. Yes, it’s snowing here. I arrived in Strasbourg late this afternoon after a pretty pleasant drive down from Amsterdam. About 700 kilometers and four countries in […]

Snowed under – a literal tale

“Winter weather arrives,” said the headline of my late-evening post on Thursday. The light covering of snow in Strasbourg didn’t really match the optimistic headline, but my journey back to Amsterdam last night certainly did. After a relatively uneventful journey up the A61/E42 autobahn in Germany, the first heavy snow started falling about 20 kilometers […]

How to deal with too many choices

Whenever I travel to the US, I get apprehensive. Not about the travel or why I’m visiting the States. No, it’s all to do with breakfast choices. Here’s the scenario. It’s breakfast time in my hotel. I sit and the ever-so-friendly waitress asks me for my order. Apprehension starts if I request eggs. Before I […]

If I were an architect

If I were an architect, I wonder what my critical eye might make of the design of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, through which I travelled yesterday. It’s one of the ugliest airports I’ve ever been to, a sprawling mass of bare concrete that evokes an absolute air of coldness. As you ride the […]